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Goodridge Car Brake & Clutch Lines

Goodridge have developed and manufactured hoses for the following high profile applications: Formula 1, Thrust 2 (world land speed record holder), Nascar, and every major rally team. Because of their expertise in the hydraulics field they have been able to apply this knowledge to the automotive industry to give replacement brake and clutch hoses and fittings that outperform even the original equipment products.

Goodridge kits feature the finest quality stainless steel braided hose, which improves braking performance, eliminates the spongey feel of rubber hoses, and provides superior resistance to corrosion. Hose end fittings are zinc plated steel as standard or stainless steel as an option. Goodridge manufacture hoses for all the major manufacturers. If you don't see what you need in the listings just contact us.

Car Brake Hoses

If you wish to upgrade the braking on your car then you will need to use Goodridge brake hoses. The results of testing speak for themselves. So whether it's an older car with the original rubber hoses or a sports or performance car that needs to have the best braking available there is only one choice, as with motorcycles it has to be Goodridge hoses on your car.

Car Clutch Hoses

Many cars have a hydraulically operated clutch and if you want to get the best performance out of the clutch pedal then you will need to change the clutch hose to a Goodridge line. Giving the clutch pedal a more direct feel and actuating the clutch that fraction of a second earlier for the fastest gear changes.

Classic Car Hoses

The new range of classic car hoses from Goodridge features a classic look hose.