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Customer Projects

Charlie Broomfield: 27 Litre Rover SD1

Mating a Rover SD1 body and a Rolls Royce Meteor engine from a Centurion tank is not an easy task, especially when you consider the Meteor engine produces 650Bhp from its 27 litres as standard.

The engine has been stripped down and rebuilt by Charlie Broomfield using Goodridge fuel lines. The progress of this build was featured in Practical Performance Car Magazine

Rover SD1 with Rolls Royce Meteor engine and Goodridge Hoses.

Rover SD1 with a Rolls Royce Meteor Engine from a Centurion tank, producing 650hp as standard.

Charlie Broomfields 27 Litre Rover SD1

Rover SD1 with Rolls Royce Meteor Engine, That's a V12 - 27 litre engine with 650bhp at 2500rpm!